Your Social Media Coach and Biggest Cheerleader

Hey you, are you feeling overwhelmed by social media and aren’t exactly sure what you should be doing to get the results you want? I hear you.

I’m Katie, a social media strategist, coach, and your biggest cheerleader when it comes to helping busy women leaders with powerful messages like you market themselves online in a strategic way. I’m here to ease overwhelm, instill confidence, and help showcase all of your magic, expertise, and goodness on social media.

You know you should be putting yourself “out there” because you see everyone else doing it and maybe you already are, but it’s not getting you the results you want and you don’t even know if you’re doing it “right.” And you’re wasting so much time in the mental gymnastics of all of this.

You are brilliant, a thought leader, an expert in your field as an entrepreneur, a business owner, an executive, a go-getter in your corporate position, and you know you have so much more to offer others.

What if your online presence matched your in-person expertise and the value you know you bring to the world? I empower you to take control of your social media presence and to make it work for you, specific to the goals you have for yourself, your personal brand, and your business. And if you don’t have social media goals yet, don’t worry, I got you! Let’s choreograph your social media strategy together where you can not only walk away with a clear path of what, why and how, but also have fun while doing it!

My C.H.E.E.R. To Lead method from start to finish creates your social media strategy to help leaders like you get the results you so greatly desire:

  • C for clarity – clear your head of any social media mental blocks; instill confidence to show up online; identify your brand value, message, audience and goals
  • H for hone – platform selection, audit existing ones, evaluate types of content, pillars, hashtags
  • E for execute – learn to post, content calendar, tools, themes
  • E for engage – find the best audiences to engage with; how to strategically like, comment, DM, tag; grow your influence, audience and opportunities
  • R for results – what to measure, how often, and how best to measure your metrics based on your goals; what to do with those results


All Star Elite

  • 1:1 coaching program
  • VIP day
  • CHEER To Lead method implementation
  • Monthly bespoke content calendar plan with prompts
  • Regular strategy/insight calls


  • 12-week 1:1 coaching program
  • CHEER To Lead method implementation
  • Weekly strategy/insight calls

Pom Pom Squad

  • 3-month group program 
  • CHEER To Lead method implementation
  • Weekly group calls
  • Exclusive Facebook group access


  • Workshops and trainings on various social media topics, trends and specialities 
  • Virtual and in-person

About me

I am living out a calling to serve and uplift others by empowering women to communicate their expertise online. In my decades of experience in the business world and in mass media, communications, and storytelling; I have worked professionally in every form of media from radio, broadcast news, digital and print, including 10 years in social media. I have been given the gifts of expertise in digital storytelling, connecting with an audience, business, personal branding, and social media, and I am called to use those gifts to teach others what I know.

Putting yourself out there and making meaningful, impactful connections is what moves the needle in your personal brand and business. It makes me sad when I see others holding their gifts back and unsure how to express themselves in ways that might seem unnatural initially. I completely understand as I was there at one time too.  

I know and feel what you want. You want to connect with others. You want to help others with your knowledge, services, and your business. 

I have trained more than a thousand others in social media and I want to cheer you on and teach you the tools to do this too. Let me be your guide and coach.

Why cheerleading?
Cheerleading has been a running theme throughout my life. I grew up cheering competitively and was a cheer coach for 10 years, but even more than that, the sport of cheerleading represents so much that I stand for. It represents teamwork, optimism, encouragement, creativity, leadership, unified messaging, being visible in front of and connecting with an audience, hard work, power, flexibility, fun, living out loud unapologetically.

Always remember, you are worthy and enough. Life is fun. You got this.


I’m standing by with my pom poms and megaphone ready to cheer you on. I look forward to connecting! Please reach out using the form below.